Stop Wage Garnishments Fast

wage garnishment


Just a quick discussion about wage garnishments, foreclosures and writs of execution. If you have had notice of any of these actions coming up because you have a judgment against you or you have fallen behind on your house payments it is possible to file an “emergency” bankruptcy within 24 hours. It is not the most optimal way to file because all of the Statements and Schedules still have to be filed and quickly.

I have had many clients who have been having wages garnished for months, sometimes years, because they did not look into filing bankruptcy. That is something to give some serious thought to because you may pay back thousands through garnishment and writs with interest accruing that you might have resolved for a thousand dollars. Even better for clients that are struggling, with garnishments of over $200 a pay check could take advantage of “File Now Pay Later” at only $200 a month for one year. I have had clients with garnishment of much more than $200 a pay period, some as high as $300 to $500 a pay period.

If that sounds like you, definitely call me as soon as possible and let’s discuss your options.