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Our law firm is small and so our overhead.  We do not have to pass ridiculous expenses on to clients like some bigger law firms.  The firm today is just the two of us.  My name is Linda D. Smith and I have been practicing law for over 21 years.  My “sidekick” and paralegal, Lashelle Manriquez has been with me for 19 years.  Do not confuse our small size with inexperience.  We have worked together as a team for over 19 years and we have handled literally hundreds of bankruptcy cases.  In the beginning we filed Chapter 7 cases but after 2005 when the bankruptcy laws were changed we added Chapter 13.   Lashelle and I are both knowledgeable and compassionate professionals, who are strong advocates for our client(s). We pride ourselves with being approachable, responsive, and supportive of our clients in difficult and oftentimes sensitive situations.

Because of our years of experience we understand that most people fight the very idea of filing for bankruptcy relief initially.  Sadly, sometimes in the process they can lose precious time, property and even money.  Once in awhile before a client comes into our office they have often even drained their savings and taken out their retirement funds early to pay off debt.  They oftentimes have surrendered their car(s) and/or home and are borrowing from parents and friends to continue to make minimum payments on everything.

Do Not Spend Your Retirement or Sign Up For Credit Repair Before You Call Us

They do all this for months and sometimes even years and finally figure out that the whole effort was a big waste of time, energy and money.  These methods usually only prove to provide a temporary “bandaid” to a bad debt situation.   In the end all of these efforts have no impact on the overall financial condition and so the money is essentially just “tossed down the drain”.

This is also true of credit repair which in many cases is not a better choice than bankruptcy.  What you have to understand is that it only takes one or two stubborn creditors to bring down the entire program. What most people do not know is that odds are their credit repair attempt is going to fail after throwing thousands of dollars at their program and in the end they will still be faced with filing for bankruptcy relief.

I urge you to call us before you pay another minimum payment on a credit card,  pull your retirement funds or sign up for credit repair.  Let us assess your situation.  Maybe you don’t need a bankruptcy, just a better approach.  But if you do need a bankruptcy we are here to help.

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Life is too short to be ruined by pressure and struggles with bad debt that  you can never expect to repay.  Call us NOW – we will talk with you and PROVIDE OPTIONS in a no-pressure environment.  We will help you find a PERMANENT SOLUTION to what seems like an impossible situation.

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