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This “boutique law firm” is small so there are no exorbitant costs to pass as huge overhead on to clients like some bigger law offices.  The firm as it exists today is down to just two people, attorney, Linda D. Smith and her paralegal, Lashelle Manriquez.  But don’t confuse small with inexperienced.  These two ladies have worked together as a team for 19 years. They are both knowledgeable and compassionate professionals, who are strong advocates for the client(s). They pride themselves with being approachable, responsive, and supportive of their clients in difficult, sensitive situations.

Linda D. Smith Attorney

They understand that a majority of people fight against filing for bankruptcy intially.  In the process they can lose precious time & money.  Sadly before clients come into the office they have often already drained their savings and taken out their retirement funds early to pay debt.  In the end they have oftentimes still lost their car(s) and/or home and are borrowing from parents & friends to make minimum payments on everything.

Lashelle Manriquez Certified Paralegal

They do all this for months, sometimes years, and finally figure out that the whole effort was a big waste of time and energy.  These methods only prove to provide a temporary “bandaid” to these situations.   In the end all of their efforts had no impact on their overall financial condition and so the money was essentially just “tossed down the drain”.

This is also true about clients who think that credit repair is a better choice over bankruptcy.  What they do not know is that odds are their credit repair attempt will fail and they will still be faced with filing for bankruptcy relief.

Life is too short to be ruined by pressure and struggles with bad debt that  you can never expect to repay.  Call us NOW – our bankruptcy attorney will talk with you and PROVIDE OPTIONS in a no-pressure environment.  We will help you find a PERMANENT SOLUTION to what seems like an impossible situation.

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