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Utah Bankruptcy Law Advocates – Team Work

Utah Bankruptcy Law Advocates, PC is a small firm.  We pride ourselves on providing a friendly atmosphere for our clients. Understanding your problems and helping you resolve them is important to us. It’s all about team work.  The legal process can be nasty and we want to help you through difficult times. Many of our clients come to us by word of mouth.

We Are Friendly and Professional

Past clients appreciate the friendliness and professionalism they received working with us and they tell their friends, family members and acquaintances about us. In addition to bankruptcy we provide representation for a wide array of family law and estate planning matters. Furthermore, our firm is based on the belief that our client’s needs are of the utmost importance. Our team is committed to meeting and exceeding those needs.

Many of Our Clients Have Returned for Other Services or

Have Referred a Friend or Relative to Us

We have had some awesome clients over the years and I guess they feel good about the representation they have received from us, because we have had a lot of returned business and referral business.  In addition, we also offer a “Friends & Family” discount to anyone referred to us so that might have something to do with all of the great referrals over the years.

You Don’t Have to Know Someone to Call Us

Our firm has helped hundreds of clients over the years with their bankruptcies, divorces, name changes, adoptions, estate planning.  Seriously (and not so seriously at the same time) you don’t have to know someone who has been in our office to come in and see what great service we can provide to you.  Come in for a Free Consultation and we will let you know how to best proceed.


Linda D. Smith
Attorney at Law

Linda Smith was born and raised in Millcreek and Holladay in Salt Lakc County.  She graduated from Olympus High School.  After high school Linda lived in Frankfurt, Germany for some time working in Accounting for the Corp of Engineers.  She was in a group of employees that had to make sure every time budgeted for the year was spent and accounted.

Linda returned to Salt Lake and worked in accounting for a time before going into full time marketing.  While marketing was a lot of fun, she had always thought about going to law school, so she took the LSAT and started applying to schools.

She was accepted to a few schools,  but they mostly in the mid-west and east so being a western girl she ended up attending McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, in Sacramento, CA.  After graduating from law school she returned home to practice law.  (Living outside of the western states is honestly very different, especially where there are no mountains).

Linda celebrated her 35 wedding anniversary this year (not alone).  She has one beautiful daughter and a beautiful 7 year old grand-daughter.

She has practiced over the years in the areas of collections, family law & bankruptcy.  By far, bankruptcy has been the most rewarding area of her practice.  Helping people who are in over their heads financially is extremely rewarding.

A lot of people don’t realize that they even have bankruptcy as an option until they have spent thousand trying to repay debts they will never be able to repay.   Some have been through several rounds of wage garnishments and don’t realize there is a way to stop that from happening.  They might have been able to save their home or car, the scenarios are countless.

Linda has helped 100’s of clients (maybe more – not counting anymore) get a discharge of their debts and start over with a life full of promise.  When a client is able to buy a new car or a first home the satisfaction Linda gets from helping that happen is overwhelming.


Lashelle first came to work for Linda as an Intern at Mountain West College.  She was pregnant with her first child at the time.  That child will be 18 this month.  Needless to say Linda and Lashelle have worked together a very long time.  That is what makes a great team.

She has been preparing documents, pleadings, schedules and statements for almost 19 years and she has been involved in all of the hundreds of cases filed in this office.  Client’s feel comfortable working with Lashelle getting documents together and making sure they are prepared for their hearing.

Lashelle is the mother of 5 great little athletes and is married to a awesome guy.   This lady is an amazing, happy person considering the load she carries at work and being a great mom to all of those kids.