Family Law

Divorce, paternity, child support, parent time, alimony, modification, are all types of family cases we have been taking for over 20 years. Without a doubt these cases are difficult because of the mere subject matter.  You are dealing with the emotions of two people who were once in love and something went wrong, and now they (and oftentimes their children, friends and other family members) are entangled in a mini war.  In family law cases as a general rule there are no winners, only losers, from the parties involved right down to the children.

The problem with family law cases is that it is nearly impossible to get the parties to see eye to eye on any issue.  (If they could do that I’d be out of a job).  The best case scenerio is where we can perhaps make our way to mediation and find a middle ground before things get too bad.  If not, and the case goes before a judge the parties are going to have to let a third party, who really doesn’t know them, or their children or others involved, make decisions that they should have been  equipped to make themselves.  Never a good outcome.  A funny rule of thumb I heard when I started practicing and it still holds true today, “if the parties in a divorce trial both leave unhappy, the result was probably fair.”