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Do you need to file a bankruptcy? Our office can help you to discharge your debt, but so can any other bankruptcy attorney in the state but specially Utah bankruptcy law advocate.  The reason people choose us as their bankruptcy lawyer to help them with their bankruptcy is our experience.  We are not going to stop at getting all of your debt eliminated or restructured.  Our practice is different because we do not stop there.  Utah bankruptcy law advocate are going to provide you with the tool to get your life back to normal fast.  Faster than any other attorney performing bankruptcy work in this state.  You should choose us because we have the experience you can depend upon to get your discharge quickly and painlessly.

Experience Debt Freedom with File Now Pay Later

utah bankruptcy law advocate

If they garnish your wages or they just repossessed your car and we can help. If your home is in foreclosure and the sale date is fast approaching we can help with that too. Utah bankruptcy law advocate also offer FILE NOW PAY LATER* for our cash poor clients who need to file a chapter 7. (You actually pay after you have your case filed). Not all firms offer you an opportunity to file with zero down – we do! Or pay cash and reduce your overall costs to file bankruptcy, we do that too. You decide. Send us your name and email below and we will send you a confirmation offering you an opportunity to file a Chapter 7 at as little as $749.00** or Chapter 13 with Zero*** down. We will also send you a link to download our ebook to you get back on track after your discharge.



There are a lot of new bankruptcy attorneys out there. Why pay the same or even save a little on fees to hire an attorney who is just learning the way bankruptcy works. Just taking bankruptcy classes in law school does not prepare an attorney for the actual filing and courtroom experience. We have been taking bankruptcy cases for years and Utah bankruptcy law advocate have helped hundreds of clients achieve debt relief through bankruptcy. Our focus is on helping every one of our clients feel the joy that comes from being debt free. Whether you have experienced a cut in your income or out of control medical bills debt can add up fast. Utah bankruptcy law advocate never lecture or make fun of our clients because of their current circumstances. We are here for the one reason which is to help you to debt freedom.

We  can help you improve your credit score. 

 Chapter 7

What is Your Credit Score?

Introducing 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score


We are unique because Utah bankruptcy law advocate offer you help after a bankruptcy as well. Utah bankruptcy law advocate offer our clients a way to restore their credit in record time. The program we offer is called 7 steps t0 a 720 Credit Score and their focus is simple: To help people rebuild their credit after bankruptcy. Over the years, they have helped more than 48,000 people rebuild their lives after bankruptcy, foreclosure or financial disaster. In order to differentiate Utah bankruptcy law advocate firm from every bankruptcy attorney in the State we give this program to all of our clients for free as part of the bankruptcy experience. This is absolutely the first step to our clients’ getting life “back to normal.”

The 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score is a program specifically designed by Philip Tirone, an industry leader in credit score improvement. The program, conducted both online and in-person, exposes some of the common pitfalls that consumer debtors fall into when trying to repair a credit score.

Why 7 Steps to a 720 Works

By informing consumers of their rights and offering the invaluable resources needed to save their credit scores, countless clients have regained control of their lives in as little as 12 to 24 months!

The program works because they provide you with step-by-step strategies to help rebuild your credit. Strategies that include the following:

    • Stay away from credit card, bank, and bureau scams.
    • Keep your credit score information with the credit bureaus updated.
    • Consistently build a great credit score with low credit lines.
    • Fix high-priority errors on a credit score.
    • Demand a lower interest rate from your bank.
    • Negotiate your debts with creditors or collectors.
    • Replace your old credit by paying bills on time.

      Our Firm

       Gives You Added Value


The 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score should not be looked at as a program that will completely wipe out your credit and report; rather  it is a program that can heal your credit score over time.  By learning healthy credit and spending habits you can essentially keep your bottom line for years to come. We hope that you will find the extra value since we have added to our bankruptcy practice is worth looking in to. These are just some of the reasons we believe you should choose our office for your bankruptcy filing. Ask any other attorney if they provide your with extra value for your money and expect NO for an answer.

Call (801) 485-3717 or text HELP to (801) 450-5124 and let us help you on your road to debt freedom.

* All you need is a steady job and a bank account.

**Estimates only – Low Income or unemployed?  Prices depend on upon personal circumstances and needs.  therefore, Additional fees may apply for emergency filings and  however, we can get your case filed within hours if necessary. 

***Fees are added to your bankruptcy so you pay them over time.  (All Utah attorneys are subject to the same fee schedule for filing a Chapter 13.)