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If you are searching for relief from debt, wish to repair your credit score or want to stop creditor harassment once and for all call the Law Offices of Linda D. Smith & Associates P.C. today! As an experienced Utah bankruptcy attorney I can help you not only get the debt relief you need but I can help you create a new future by providing you with the tools to achieve a 720 credit score within 12 or 24 months (even if you file a Chapter 13 (no kidding)).  This program is a $1,000 value that we give to our clients FREE!!7 steps to a 720 credit score

In order to differentiate myself from every bankruptcy attorney in Utah, I give this program to all my clients for free, as part of their bankruptcy. Check it out here to learn how painless reestablishing really excellent credit after bankruptcy.  Let me help you regain control of your life. Call my office to set up your free consultation today.  If you prefer to reach the office by email go ahead and fill out the free consultation form on this page or text 720help to (801) 450-5124.


7 steps to a 720 credit score
7 steps to a 720 credit score

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